Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Nan and Breindeer waiting up for Santa. Complete with night vision goggles.

Don't stay up too late!

Merry Christmas from the 4th Story!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Fashion Shoots

Little knowing that her younger sister and her fair-haired companion were wandering the countryside, penniless and directionless, Gavin was quite enjoying herself. After gaining a great amount of attention for her success in the Fall Fashion Festival, several major names in the industry had contacted her, asking her to appear in their ads.

one for Toblerone Chocolate. . .(she received a year's supply of chocolates as payment.)

and a new line of millinery. . .(they let her keep the hat.)

and finally one for a new company that specialized in black pearls. (She had to negotiate with them to be able to keep the necklace. They eventually agreed, but only on the condition that it was not to appear in any of her creations.)

Yes, things were going quite well for Gavin and company. She congratulated herself on a job well done, and retired for the evening with a latte and a box of hard-earned Toblerone.