Sunday, June 27, 2010

Charlotte and Colette Arrive on the Scene

One may well wonder what our youngest heroine, Colette, had to say about their current lost and penniless state. The truth is, she didn't say much.

Her nature prevented her from being unnecessarily contradictory, especially with people she liked, so when Charlotte would attempt to brighten their outlook with quaint, but rather baseless sayings such as, "We'll be there in no time" and "We've come too far to turn back now", rather than disagree, Colette would most often smile and march on.

And it wasn't all bad. They had made it to a farming community (which happened to be hosting a county fair), and there were plenty of mice. Ordinarily Colette was no great lover of mice, but the mice drew cats, and cats were good to hug on.

To the ever-resourceful Charlotte, the fair seemed like a good place to gather intelligence and make some connections, so she left Colette with her unwilling pet, and struck out on her own. . .