Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Nan and Breindeer waiting up for Santa. Complete with night vision goggles.

Don't stay up too late!

Merry Christmas from the 4th Story!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Fashion Shoots

Little knowing that her younger sister and her fair-haired companion were wandering the countryside, penniless and directionless, Gavin was quite enjoying herself. After gaining a great amount of attention for her success in the Fall Fashion Festival, several major names in the industry had contacted her, asking her to appear in their ads.

one for Toblerone Chocolate. . .(she received a year's supply of chocolates as payment.)

and a new line of millinery. . .(they let her keep the hat.)

and finally one for a new company that specialized in black pearls. (She had to negotiate with them to be able to keep the necklace. They eventually agreed, but only on the condition that it was not to appear in any of her creations.)

Yes, things were going quite well for Gavin and company. She congratulated herself on a job well done, and retired for the evening with a latte and a box of hard-earned Toblerone.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Enter Nan

While Charlotte and Colette were finishing their gloomy picnic lunch, a few miles away, a country fair was in full swing.
A small figure with blazing red hair surveyed the scene from afar, and then decided that it was worth her time to check it out.

Enter Nan

Nan has been living as a street urchin for a long time now, and has seen several fairs come and go, but they still hold a certain appeal. If she had any extra change, she would probably have spent it on a candy apple, but as it was. . .

Besides being expensive, the rides were too risky. She passed"The Spider", a green, 8-legged spinning machine. The last time it had come through town she'd ridden it, but being so small, she'd almost slipped under the lap bar, a terrifying experience she didn't wish to repeat.

Not that she was afraid.

No- what was scarier was the grafitti left by gangs. Gangs that would stay in town long after the fair had left.

At least there were still a few role models to look up to.

And a wall of anime! Standing beside it, Nan didn't feel like she was dressed so strangely.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Into the Woods, and a Revelation

In which the girls stop for lunch, and Charlotte reveals a secret about her past

It was getting on toward late afternoon. The girls had just made a stop at a local farmer's market and picked up enough food to make a picnic lunch.
The day had turned sticky and hot, so they took a break in the shade of a leafy tree.

"It's about time for lunch isn't it?" Charlotte asked.

Colette agreed that it was.

"It's a pity we didn't think to bring a tea service with us," she remarked. "Then we could have had a lovely afternoon tea. As it is, we'll have to make do with this cherry pie."

Charlotte unpacked the basket. There wasn't much. Besides the cherry pie, which was had been an impulse buy and would provide no lasting nutritional value, they only had a loaf of bread with sesame seeds on top.

She began to worry. The plan to run away from the boarding school could have been better executed, she thought. In fact, it would have been nice to have actually had a plan.

"How much money do you have left?" she asked Colette. "I didn't bring any except for what was in my pockets. And most of that we spent at the Farmer's Market."

"Oh, I don't carry money," Colette replied.

"Well, that's not good news," Charlotte said, but this didn't have any effect on Colette. Moneyless, she seemed perfectly happy to be sitting in the shade with the prospect of eating half a cherry pie still ahead.

"We can always get in touch with out parents when we're ready," she said. "Shall I cut the pie or will you?"

"On that subject, Colette, there's something I should tell you," Charlotte started.

"Don't worry; I've never been very good at cutting pies either," she smiled. "But we don't have a knife today, so we'll just have to use our fingers."

"I don't have any parents," Charlotte said.
"No parents!" Colette exclaimed. "Why not?"
"I don't know," Charlotte said. "But I do have a sister. She lives in the city. Her name is Gavin, and we need to find her."
Colette shrugged. "It's up to you," she said, and then added. "I didn't know, about your parents. I'm sorry."
Charlotte didn't have much to say. Everyone was sorry, including her. But what needed to be done now, was to finish lunch, and find Gavin.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Who's Who on the 4th Story

The stars of this blog are as follows:

Gavin, a Dynamite Girl by Integrity Toys, doesn't just have her finger on the pulse of the high fashion scene, she's the heartbeat of high fashion, or at least, she likes to think so.

Always casting an appraising eye on the outfits of others, Gavin can either make you feel like you've got it all together, or like you should run back to your room and change into something else.

Bold and decisive, she usually accomplishes all that she sets out to do. She runs a small fashion studio out of her loft apartment. The studio has gained some local recognition, but Gavin has bigger plans for it in the future.

Gavin is confidence embodied. If she has a weak spot, we don't know it yet.

Sooki, a Dynamite Girl by Integrity Toys, is the quiet type. She is sentimental and takes time to look at things in great detail.

With such a sweet look to her, Sooki has learned that more often than not, people are more willing to do things for you if you convince them that it was their idea to begin with. A bit of a manipulator, Sooki nonetheless finds time for friends, and knows when and just how far to push them.

We believe she is waiting for a Prince Charming, but there is no one on the horizon at this point.

Currently, she is living with her friend's fashion apartment/design studio. Since the two girls wear exactly the same size (imagine!), she is often the stand-in model for Gavin's creations. She has never complained about this.

Charlotte, originally a "Jun" Juku by Jakks Pacific, is a drama queen, with a knack for stirring up trouble and then finding ways to extricate herself (and hopefully anyone else involved).

This photo is a perfect example of Charlotte: movie star style and mischief combined!

Charlotte and Colette met in their boarding school, which they escaped only recently. Charlotte may be a little older than Colette, but not by much. And we all know that age is not always an indicator of maturity.

Even with her quirks, Charlotte is a fiercely loyal companion and is so resourceful, you'd want her along if you had to be stuck on a deserted island.

Colette, originally a "Hayley" Juku by Jakks Pacific, is the youngest of the bunch. She likes frills and girly things as they suit her bright blue eyes and yellow hair better than other clothes.

She is usually very tightlipped, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have her own ideas about things.

Sweetnatured and calm, she loves to throw tea parties and apply lipstick.

Her makeup palette is inspired by her favorite page of history: the 16th century. She simply adores the Rococo dresses, immaculate makeup, shoes, accessories, and did we mention the dresses?

We have yet to find out what really makes her tick. . .

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Escape From the Boarding School - Part 2

Escape From the Boarding School - Part 2

Once the girls were safely out of the town where their horrid boarding school was located, they found a nice spot in the woods to rest. The restrictive and stuffy school jackets were shed, and they enjoyed taking in the peaceful atmosphere of the woods.

"My tights itch," Colette noted.
"At least they look fashionable," Charlotte replied, sadly looking down at her own black and white zebra striped socks. "Mine look like I broke out of prison!'

"Well, we practically did!" Colette exclaimed.
"True," said Charlotte.

They continued on their way. Sometimes the going was tough. Once Colette fell into the ditch. Luckily Charlotte was able to pull her out.

Other things they saw on their trip

A spaceship

A friendly horse. . .

Charlotte soon tamed the horse into letting her ride it.

Soon they were back on the road again

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Escape From the Boarding School

Charlotte and Colette Escape From the Boarding School

It was a day like any other for Charlotte and Colette. They had been up since an unearthly hour doing various boarding school type activities.

It was now their lunch break, and they took up their usual place by the fence, and proceeded to mope about their current school situation. They gripped the iron bars and stared out into the great, wide world.

"If only we didn't have so very many years of schooling left," Colette mumbled.

"If only our parents had homeschooled us and taken us with them on their world travels!" said Charlotte.

(As far as we know, Charlotte and Colette are not related, though they do bear an eerie resemblance to one another, and all that Colette is missing from her name is "har" before she could become another "Charlotte".)

After a few more minutes of commiserating, the girls stood up.

"It's probably time to go back in now," said Colette.

"No!" shrieked Charlotte. "I'm never going back!"

She began to climb the fence. Colette hesitated, but only for a moment, and then she was scaling the fence, as well.
Weakened by too much time spent indoors studying, the girls had to stop and rest at the top of the fence.

After a short rest they climbed down the rest of the way.

"Freedom!" they shouted, and began to kiss the dirt. This soon proved unsavory, however, and, spitting sand and gravel, they stood up.

"This way!" cried Charlotte. A natural born leader, Charlotte usually was the one to take charge, and Colette was usually content to follow.

It wasn't long until the girls were missed at the boarding school. In fact, they were missed as soon as they didn't answer the roll call after lunch break. They heard the squeal of rubber tires on the road and knew without a doubt that one of the school's big red patrol trucks was coming after them. This in itself was an exceptional feat since the road was a dirt road, and tires generally do not squeal on dirt.

Sure enough, a gargantuan red patrol truck came tearing around a bend on the road. The girls jumped from the road just in time, and the truck passed by, leaving them choking in a cloud of dust and grit.

"Looks like we can't follow the road," Colette observed.

"We'll have to find another way," Charlotte agreed.

Fortunately for the girls, there was a nearby riverbed which had dried up several months ago, and they were able to follow it without risk of being seen from the road.

Charlotte found an interesting boulder along the way, and stopped to study it.

"Conglomerate," she announced. "Looks like Geology was good for something."

"For what?" asked Colette.

"I think it's safe to get out of the riverbed now," Charlotte said, changing the subject.

The girls left the riverbed. Where their adventures would take them next, they had no idea, but neither of them minded that.

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