Sunday, October 25, 2009

Enter Nan

While Charlotte and Colette were finishing their gloomy picnic lunch, a few miles away, a country fair was in full swing.
A small figure with blazing red hair surveyed the scene from afar, and then decided that it was worth her time to check it out.

Enter Nan

Nan has been living as a street urchin for a long time now, and has seen several fairs come and go, but they still hold a certain appeal. If she had any extra change, she would probably have spent it on a candy apple, but as it was. . .

Besides being expensive, the rides were too risky. She passed"The Spider", a green, 8-legged spinning machine. The last time it had come through town she'd ridden it, but being so small, she'd almost slipped under the lap bar, a terrifying experience she didn't wish to repeat.

Not that she was afraid.

No- what was scarier was the grafitti left by gangs. Gangs that would stay in town long after the fair had left.

At least there were still a few role models to look up to.

And a wall of anime! Standing beside it, Nan didn't feel like she was dressed so strangely.